Different types of wood refinishing

Some people keep the same look of their floors for a very, very long time. Even if the floors are looking dull, dirty and lost their shine, people do not take any step to redeem it, because they think, that there is only one thing to do and that is replacing the floor and that require too much money. That is why people keep postponing it. They are not saving their money by doing that, in fact as long as they will ignore it, the required work will keep increasing. Many things can be done for wood renewal and many of these things can be done in a very low budget.

The most common thing is for hardwood floor renewal is refinishing of the wood. There are many companied which are providing this service. There are different types of refinishing for different types of woods floors.

Hammered free refinishing

Hammered floor refinishing is best for those floors, which have very heavy traffic all the time day and night. This type of refinishing can recover floors that have been worn down and have start showing bare wood. This refinishing is best for commercial places with wood floors. This process can remove all the scratches or impressions that have happened because of moving furniture or pets nail scratching on the floor.

Classic refinishing

Some companies leave dust after the refinishing but there are some products, which can give a dust free refinishing to the floors. These products do not have the typical odor of the polishing or sanding. People should know whether the companies they have hired are giving a dust free classic refinishing or not. This process may charge a little but more than regular one, but it will be safe for the health of people living in the building. This process is best for floor with light but visible scratched.

Sanding free

Some floors cannot bear the sanding. If done, it can ruin the whole floor and it will become important to replace the floor. There are many process of refinishing which does not require sanding. People should know what type of floor they have, and what type of services the company they have hired is offering.

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